Become an Artisan Plasterer with Novacolor


Our 2020 training dates are now confirmed!


Please complete the form below and the date you wish to attend. We will contact you shortly after receiving your application. 

Next Course: 10th-11th October

**Important: Please note that the objectives of any training course provided by Novacolor

SRL or Novacolor Australia | New Zealand Pty Ltd are for a trainee to learn the specific skills

required to correctly use and apply specific Novacolor ® products, and to qualify the trainee to

obtain supply of such Novacolor ® products upon successful completion of the course. The

attendance or completion of any such training course and the award of any attendance or

completion certificate by Novacolor SRL or Novacolor Australia | New Zealand does not in

any way constitute any accreditation, endorsement or recommendation of the trainee by

Novacolor SRL or Novacolor Australia | New Zealand to any person, and the trainee must not

make any representation or statement to any other person to that effect. Novacolor SRL and

Novacolor Australia | New Zealand do not provide any guarantee, recommendation,

representation or warranty, and will not accept any liability, in relation to the qualification,

suitability or workmanship of any trainees or any services provided by them, including but

not limited to any damage, loss or other liability caused by or resulting from any failure to

strictly follow any instructions, procedures or other requirements published by Novacolor for

the use and application of Novacolor ® products.

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