• Archi+Pietra & Archi Intonaco

    Made from natural lime, this mineral plaster creates stone effects ensuring excellent workability. 

  • Archi +Tadelakt

    The antique charm of the Marroquin riads with a modern design. 

  • CalceCruda &

    Calce Cruda Intonachino

    Elegant microporous decorative coating with strong natural connotation and crinkled effects that provides living comfort with its soft and warm colours. 

  • Florenzia

    Lime-based glossy stucco finish, for the decoration of prestigious interior walls.

  • Marblestone

    Highly versatile, this stone effect mineral finish, can be used both to achieve semi-polished, uniform, antique-like surfaces, and to achieve modern effects creating soft and vibrant shades.

  • Marmorino KS

    Elegant smooth surfaces with a  satin finish. Marmorino KS permits to achieve “cloudy” esthetic effects with soft and vibrant shades or totally even and uniform surfaces. 

  • Marmur Fine

    This lime based  plaster coat with marble powder screams versatility. Marmur Fine permits to get several textures, depending on the application techniques.

  • Marmur Medio

    A vibrant and versatile natural lime plaster with  ‘cloudy’ aesthetic effects creating shades and textures.

  • Mirror

     High gloss mineral stucco that will bring prestigious and sophisticated effects to any interior. 

  • Teodorico

    Semi-polished finishing coat, with gold, silver or bronze highlights similar to marble stone, creating soft and vibrant shades.


  • Visionnaire

    Innovative and modern, this interior mineral decorative coating, for gently-textured marbleizing effects, available with a matt finish or with either gold or silver sheen

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