• Africa

    Velvety chromatic effects and tactile sensations. Soft metallic pigments that create unique games of light and shades. Novacolor’s carbon-reducing decorative coating. 

  • Animamundi

    A luxurious and innovative metallic texture for interiors. Animamundi re-interprets the idea of “washed-out Concrete”, presenting a product with both a soft pearl-opaque look and a strong textured-feel effect.

  • Dune & Dune Opaco

    Soft metallic charges that creates high end visual effects and a stunning game of light and shades.

  • Metallo Fuso

    Made from selected metal,the application of Metallo Fuso allows unique textures to be achieved, originally and exclusively enhancing the surfaces treated, transforming them into real metal.
    Metallo Fuso is available in Tin, Copper, Brass & Bronze. 

  • R-Stone

    Selected metallic pigments, veils the original color of the substrate, creating a pleasant chromatic, stone and ancient patina effect.

  • Swahili & Swahili Opaco

    Metallic charges and selected quartz aggregates that produce high end visual effects and create a unique game of light and shades.

  • Zeus

    Elegant gold or silver "metallic sheet" effect for interiors.

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