Beach Break Interiors is proud to be certified applicators of the unique decorative finishes of Novacolor products.



Novacolor, the colours of the Italian style, offers high-end architectural coatings to architects and designers worldwide.  Bringing the latest trends in colour, texture and surface design solutions to over 50 countries. 



Novacolor offers a complete assortment of textures, Venetian polished plaster, metallic effects, and a range of concrete finishes.

As well as the exclusive microcement seamless system Wall2Floor.


The careful selection of organic high-quality raw materials is the solution to an elegant, contemporary lifestyle with a low environmental impact for both interior and exterior projects.


Bespoke surface design-

stunning finishes

Metallic Finishes 

Decorative architectural trowel-on coatings with metallic effects to enhance every surface into a precious material. 

Oxidized Effects

Masterpieces of industrial and urban design, finishes that reproduce the natural flow of times.  

An earthy selection of mineral lime based finishes with marble powders creating elegant effects of satin, stone and glossy stucco for interiors and exteriors. 

Mineral Finishes
Mineral Finishes
Seamless system for walls and floors

A multi- layer system that permits to achieve elegant and modern seamless and jointless surfaces bringing back the essential dimension where the real luxury is the natural elegance.

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Cement Effects

Decorative coatings with concrete feel for interiors and exteriors. An innovative fusion  between elegant architectural lines and the density of concrete that  exalts urban designs. 


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